BOOM! One of Four Finalists!

A year ago I started “adding fluff to the clutter”, i.e. blogging, in order to establish an Internet presence and someday sign with a literary agent.  As with most endeavors in life, writing publicly has been a source of unexpected blessings. For every post, at least one person messages me privately with encouragement or gratitude or solidarity. Your support, Dear Reader, has helped me grow in confidence as a writer, and also in discipline. Even critical responses inspire me towards better clarity. Compassion, not umbrage, is the goal of every essay.

On that note, I am pleased to announce The Arizona Authors Association has chosen “Bleaching Bones”, a chapter from my memoir, The God of Sleep as one of four finalists in the 2015 Arizona Literary Contest. The winners will be announced in November.  If I may put the cart before the horse, the first and second place winners in every category will be nominated for a Pushcart Prize — God’s will be done.

Your readership, comments, emails and shares are growing a writer. Thank you.

19 thoughts on “BOOM! One of Four Finalists!

  1. Shelley Berger Dooley

    I am so so excited for you… you do have a gift and it is as it should be, that you are recognized for it. Is there a way I can read Bleaching Bones?? Congratulations, Misty!!

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  2. Maryann McAllen

    When you are an acclaimed writer (some of us believe this to be) I will have the privilege of saying I have followed your writing from the start of your career. Congratulations Misty!


  3. @TerriRaeCerna

    I have been following your blogs for a few months now and have truly loved every minute of enjoying your writing!!! How exciting. I really look forward to your memoir!!! Terri Rae


  4. iCloud

    As far as I can remember, before you left Sarah Lawrence you were told never to stop writing. Voila, that teacher was so right !!!
    Parabens, Maria Adelina


  5. Asela Calvert

    Dear Misty, I am thrilled for you! My interior clock ticks away throughout the month with joyful expectation of your next post! I’m so grateful for your writing. Congratulations!



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