Yale Scholars Want to Tell You Ancient Stories. . .

Most of you who follow my blog like stories…stories of abuse and healing, faith and hope, and the everyday struggles of marriage, mental health and sorting out the rules of living.

The Bible is chock full of such stories, tales of despair, hope, murder, polygamy, adultery and salvation. If you’d like a window into these stories––a scholarly perspective––I invite you to check out the new podcast from Yale, Chapter, Verse and Season.

A dear friend of mine, the Reverend Helena Martin, has been working for years on a Bible Podcast which follows the Revised Common Lectionary.

Each week, you’ll hear a pair of scholars from Yale Divinity School––Hebrew scholars, History scholars, theologians and New Testament scholars–– discuss the upcoming lectionary readings.

And today is the big day…the first episode has been released! Follow this link, or search Chapter, Verse and Season from whatever podcast app you use or use the link below.

Here’s the link: https://podcast.app/chapter-verse-and-season-a-lectionary-podcast-from-yale-bible-study-p6005768/?utm_source=ios&utm_medium=share

As always, thanks for reading.

P.S. If you listen closely, you just might hear my debut as a voice actor.