She’s Nice, but. . .


As a memoirist who writes about friendship, healing, and hospitality, I had imagined my children might describe me as warm, funny, loving, a good cook.

Here’s how my children actually answered, 17 and 20, when asked separately, “How would you describe me to your friends?”

Son: “Use your pleases and thank you’s very aggressively.”

Daughter: “She’s nice, but she’ll slit your throat if you’re not polite enough.”


kitchen8If you have children, or nieces and nephews or perhaps a nosy neighbor, and are interested in dismantling your ego, consider asking them the same question. I would love to read their answers in the comments.

As always, thank you ever so very much for reading.

6 thoughts on “She’s Nice, but. . .

  1. my eldest son says “she’s smart, funny and takes no prisoners. NEVER try to pull one over on her or she’ll take you out verbally until you WISH you were at least as low on the scale of evolution as a worm. It would raise you significantly”. my youngest son said “MOM? Oh god, stay out of her way when she is on a crusade. and for heaven’s sake, don’t ever lie to her or about her. she’ll eat you for lunch”
    Oh dear. That wasn’t at all what I was hoping for. 😀

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  2. Aly

    Hey Misty, I am still planning on replying to one of your recent Posts (really hit home for me, and I loved it); but want to say for this post – this was totally relatable and funny! By the way, you absolutely do have a great sense of humor- dry and witty. No doubt.

    This was relatable because I just imagined asking someone how they would describe me…and I got a jolt of laugh out loud-panic! If you asked your friends the same question, you would likely get the response you thought. Children have a different perspective…Don’t forget that! But it was funny to read- Good Times!


  3. Great post. I got “Caring” from my 10 yr old and “Unique” from my 14 yr old. Of course they were both on the computer playing games, so their ability to think may have been limited, and their desire to continue playing games may have been a factor in their answers as well. LOL

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  4. Roy & Judy Curry

    JMJ Hi Misty,

    RIGHT ON! We think that we should do that in the near future. However, it’s not a complete necessity right away, since we have been experiencing plenty of humbling situations recently.

    We look forward to a long phone call one of these days. R&J


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