3 thoughts on “Happy Sunday from My House to Yours

  1. Aly

    Hey Misty, Happy Sunday to you, as well! Btw: I have really been enjoying your last few posts. And, I have half written comments I never got to finish.

    Not to be a buzz kill, on a Happy Sunday… I don’t think it is, by sharing a bit- the reason why it’s hard for me to complete my comments, is due to a mix of health problems infused in a toxic familial, environment. So, I have my own ball and chain, relationship with depression. Which brings me to my unfinished comment:

    I loved your recent piece on depression. The perspective of looking at Depression, not as the usual overpowering stereotype, of an “illness”; but instead, as a universal human predicament (or relationship) that comes and goes, for most. The unique part is how it manifests in the individual.

    Overall, you deflated the illusion of depression’s power. And, instead, if it should arrive, you meet it on equal ground. Brilliant! Love it. Want to give you big virtual hugs for this one.

    9:20 p.m. (have a good night:)


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