Bluebirds and Talking Cats: Merciful Dreams

Last night I dreamt a bluebird landed on my daughter’s shoulder. Then a black kitten tucked in next to me announced, “What a pretty bluebird!”

Dream Bible says, To dream of a bluebird represents an aspect of your personality that is totally optimistic or only notices the brighter side of things. An issue or situation where you don’t want to pay attention to anything being wrong. Ah! That would be my daughter, the spitting image of me physically, the polar opposite—a cheerful fairy sprite—interiorly.

And, for what hocus-pocus it’s worth, the same source also says, A cat in a dream can reflect your need to feel good, feel loved, or feel comfortable about things that aren’t objective.

Last week I was unmercifully attacked for my beliefs, my ideas, my way of relating to the world. I was belittled and humiliated. So Mercy visited me in a dream, in a kitten nudging my woundedness towards a brighter place.

Wishing you bluebirds and talking cats, optimism and love today. And Mercy.bluebird

4 thoughts on “Bluebirds and Talking Cats: Merciful Dreams

  1. Maria Adellina Silva Gomes Duffield

    I wish I had dreams of seeing bluebirds on my window sill. But I do have dreams of seeing cats all the time. Happy next Sunday

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  4. what we don't know is a more reliable friend

    “Consciousness is an error detecting low resolution, correcting phenomenon.
    It is not conscious of what goes well.” Dr. Jordan Peterson U of Toronto


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