5 thoughts on “You Have a Very Vivid Imagination

  1. A. Lama

    You Encapsulate this reality in such an articulate way. This quote should be used (credited to you) by any professional researching the topic of children, adult children of mothers or a parent/s with NPD. The word “evicerates”, to eviscerate, gut out, etc, so powerfully reveals the violent, aggression, the emotional and spiritual rape, from one’s own parent. Just, for “being”. As opposed to the loving, welcome of our being. We didn’t experience being that child, deeply loved, without conflict. Well said, Misty. So many struggle with this abuse. Increasing awareness, should never stop. It is what starts the ability to heal. Thank you-


  2. just here , going through this !
    Being an indian in this kind of a situation is culturally more making it al more toxic and painful .

    “Vivid Imagination” , exactly what is used at me and has testified me in the trial against my own separation legal process challenging my mental health … But in the contrary claiming she is doing it for my well-being!


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