Bleaching Bones: First Place and a Pushcart Nomination

I am pleased to announce “Bleaching Bones,” a chapter from my memoir, The God of Sleep has won first prize in the essay category of the 2015 Arizona Authors Association Literary Contest.

In addition, it has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, the most honored annual literary anthology in America. Poets and Writers describes it thus; “The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses is awarded annually for works of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction published by literary magazines or small presses during the previous year.”

Just a nomination, but again, I’m just a housewife who plays tennis.

Here’s a taste:

The galvanized basin began vibrating as it heated over the fire. Adam and I attached the stretch of chain link my dad used to clear weeds to the back of my car.  With a pick axe, our feet purple, the chain link skimming the road and raising a wall of dust behind us, we headed out into the desert.

If you’d like to read all of “Bleaching Bones,” and the other great essays, stories and poems, you can purchase the journal in print and on Kindle HERE. And if you’re a literary agent, I promise the whole book is that good.

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