Christians: Dignity is Non-negotiable.


“Christians and people of good will: Instead of bashing Women’s Marches and cleverly pointing out that the division falls alongside life issues (mainly abortion) and trying to explain everything according to ideological lines (how convenient), and trying to put women back in their place, admit in humility that you are doing next to nothing or relatively very little (especially non-women part of society) in order to improve those circumstances, neighborhoods and family situations that lead women living around your areas to make anti-life decisions.

The majority of women would not chose abortions if they had hope, help, assistance, leadership, friendships, supportive family. They are not beasts, demons or end-time harlots. They are children of God, abused, forgotten, hurting, removed, omitted. 

So, you need to quit whining. Dignity is non-negotiable.” –  Iwona Bednarz-Major

9 thoughts on “Christians: Dignity is Non-negotiable.

  1. Joan Hine

    I love your post today about dignity. At yesterday’s march the Planned Parenthood table said they prevent more abortions than any legislation or organization.

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  2. Sorry that I’m a little late to the parade. I just found your website. The Woman’s March had nothing to do with being a Woman. Every woman that I’ve ever met is either a mother, a wife, a familial sister and/or a familial daughter. I didn’t see anyone speak out on issues that pertain to women who are mothers, wives, familial sisters and familial daughters. I only heard about material things and ideologies that pertain to certain groups of women, not ALL women. So, it wasn’t a Woman’s March, it was just a Small Niche Women’s March.


    1. A friend of mine, a wife, mother and Christian, was at the March. Women were marching for equality, not a niche value. We have a President who advocates sexual assault and valuing women based on their appearance, who said women who are sexually harassed at work should find a new job. Those kinds of misogyny in the public sphere affect all women.


  3. Who told you that the President advocates sexual assault? Do you REALLY believe that the President is actively advocating sexual assault considering all of the successful brilliant women that worked for him in the past and currently work for him now? Do you REALLY believe that he thinks it’s okay for someone to sexually assault his wife, daughters and granddaughters? How crazy does that sound to you? As for valuing women based on their appearance, everyone in the world bases their first impressions, on appearance. Isn’t that why human nature values beauty over ugliness? It is only after we really get to know the other person’s soul, that we can see past their appearance. If I was sexually harassed at work I would leave and get a new job too. No job is worth that kind of misery and they can keep the jerk that harassed me too. It’s good advice if you ask me. Lastly, if you move your public sphere a little wider to include other nations, you’d discover that woman in the United States have it better then anywhere else in the world. Equality is an illusion because we aren’t carbon copies of each other. Men are physically stronger then women. Women can multi-task better then men. Woman can have children, men cannot. You think differently from me and I think differently then you. If we both worked at Microsoft and you made more money then me, that’s wonderful. Enjoy your success. If you did your job worse, then I can do your job and you still made more money then me, the problem isn’t you, the problem is the stupid management so I go and look for a job somewhere else. As I said before, no job is worth having that kind of misery (if indeed it bothers you) and move on. The Woman’s March didn’t address any Woman’s issues if all they were whining about was equality. Lastly, the only misogyny, that really is misogyny, is the brutal violence of rape and domestic violence by men on women, in the home. The over-use of it in activist women’s groups today only diminishes the true violence experienced by the victims of rape and domestic violence. Try to convince a wife that is being beaten by her husband, that the President is just like her husband. She won’t believe you and neither do I.


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