Christians: Dignity is Non-negotiable.


“Christians and people of good will: Instead of bashing Women’s Marches and cleverly pointing out that the division falls alongside life issues (mainly abortion) and trying to explain everything according to ideological lines (how convenient), and trying to put women back in their place, admit in humility that you are doing next to nothing or relatively very little (especially non-women part of society) in order to improve those circumstances, neighborhoods and family situations that lead women living around your areas to make anti-life decisions.

The majority of women would not chose abortions if they had hope, help, assistance, leadership, friendships, supportive family. They are not beasts, demons or end-time harlots. They are children of God, abused, forgotten, hurting, removed, omitted. 

So, you need to quit whining. Dignity is non-negotiable.” –  Iwona Bednarz-Major