How to Protect Your Brain in a Post-Fact World


1. Start buying books again, especially if most of your books are digital and can be remotely deleted.

2. Check the bias of your news sources here: Media Bias Fact Check

3. Subscribe to newspapers.

4. Subscribe to pro-science magazines like Smithsonian and Scientific American.

5. Take a class, especially in Science or History. 

Here’s a list of Accredited Online Schools.

Khan Academy offers free classes online.

6. Beef up on your knowledge of Logical Fallacies so you can spot them.

7. Nurture empathy. Listen more. Read novels. Listen to Story Corps.

8. Start a book club.

9. Contribute to National Public Radio and your local public radio station. 

10. Be kind.

4 thoughts on “How to Protect Your Brain in a Post-Fact World

  1. Good list. I would add: Subscribe to The Atlantic or The Nation. Both are whip-smart pubs, and are the go-to for real info and deep thought. And you non-theists out there should subscribe to Free Inquiry. There are a lot of us, and it too is an excellent publication.

    Read 2-3 newspapers a day. Watch MSNBC, but keep an eye on Fox to know your enemy.

    In addition to giving generously to your local NPR station, give to Planned Parenthood. They are under heavy fire and need all the help they can get.


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