Light Captured in Print

“Chiaroscuro”, Chapter I of my memoir, is being published in the next issue of Minerva Rising.

The issue is called “Light.” The editor writes, “This particular issue of Minerva Rising grew out of my own personal need for light in dark places. I envisioned a collection of work that would be a beacon of light for those who were feeling hopeless.”

I’m grateful to be included, especially in a collection of essays and stories intended to provide light in dark places.

Here’s an excerpt from “Chiaroscuro”:

Lonely House in the Night by Martin Borjesson


            It was a long drive now across Cactus Road to Scottsdale, from our apartment to the Ishaq’s house. During the evenings when my mother and I drove there or back, passing the houses that faced the road, I watched for those houses whose curtains were not closed, the blessed fearlessness of uncovered windows projecting vivid icons of holy domesticity: father, mother, children, old couples at dining tables or nestled on sofas in a nimbus of light, the windows casting otherworldly visions into the night air.

As always, thanks for reading. If you’d like to read the rest of the story, and all the other writers’ luminous works, you can preorder a copy of “Light” HERE.

3 thoughts on “Light Captured in Print


    As usual your descriptive writing takes me right there with you. I’m sure it will bring light into lonely hopeless women’s lives.

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